Douan Valley the Place and the Human

In this book, I captured the life in Douan Valley which is located in Hadramout, Yemen. The valley is one of the most visited places in Yemen for tourism. In addition, it has one of the most famous and expensive kinds of honey in the world. This book gives a new perspective for the public by having 304 of my photographs distributed in 7 chapters: landscape and scenery, Douan Valley villages, traditional dress, faces of Douan Valley, mud-brick building, agriculture, sheep and camel grazing, beekeeping, handicrafts, heritage & archaeological sites, folklore, and Hayd Al-jazeel tourist resort. The book was published by Sarawat Printing in  Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2012 in the Arabic language first, and translated to the English language in 2013. Now the language of the last edition of the book are both in Arabic and English.


Co-author: Abdullah Qaniwi

Sponsor: Shaykh:  Abdullah Buqshan