America is Beautiful, Coca-Cola

Ad Analysis


This paper is an analysis of the TV commercial by the Coca-Cola Company that was released in 2014. “America Is Beautiful” is a sixty-second TV commercial from Coca-Cola's -the soft drink brand- to promote the company’s product. In the commercial, Coca-Cola contour/ glass bottle, and cinema Styrofoam cup are shown. Importantly, this advertisement shows the diversity of American landscapes and its people. Similar to other Coca-Cola's commercials, this TV advertisement focuses on how to bring the family closer to each other, and how to unite the society regardless of their gender, age, color, race and, religion.    
According to the Company’s website, even though “It’s Beautiful” was first aired in 2014,  the company still continues to broadcast this commercial across televisions and cinemas. This means that this advertisement is one of the most successful TV commercials that the company has created.