Qaniwi: Branding and Advertising

For a graphic designer, there is nothing better than designing your own brand identity. After all, you know exactly the very minute details that you want your brand to showcase. This personal brand shows my personality: a minimalist with a clear soul, and with broad choices.

The Logo's Shapes

I chose two strong solids: a Circle and a Square. In mathematics, the circle is considered as a perfect shape, and the square represents evenness.  Just like the circle and the square, I work evenly with all of my clients. I make sure that I create an environment and a safe distance for them in which their ideas and concerns are all taken into consideration in order to reach or go beyond their expectations. On the other hand, to make the logo more personal, I also added a dash on the lower right of the circle in such a way that the English letter "Q" becomes feasible which is the first letter of my family's name. 

Colors palette

As a graphic designer, playing along with a proper combination of colors is very important for any projects that I produce. However, this identity is presented in multi-color to showcase my ability into mixing different vibrant colors while keeping the identity strong. Also, this shows that I am very flexible and adaptable when it comes to projects that use colors that I am not used too.