I'm Yaser Qaniwi, a graphic designer/ art director who focused on delivering high-quality visual and technical solutions in my special areas: branding, and advertising.


I was raised by an inspirational artist and calligrapher father, Ahmed. I started to practice drawing at an early age. However, I didn’t achieve any progress and I wasn't patient enough which made me switch to calligraphy like my father. He taught and advised me a lot. Moreover, I was participating calligraphy by helping my classes and school, especially with wall magazines. However, I found that black ink and lines don't reflect and express all my artistic ideas and thoughts. Hence, I wasn’t that enthusiastic with calligraphy anymore even though I am still practicing it from time to time.




Calligraphy phrase from the Quran, black ink on Sidr tree's bark, 11x31 cm, 2005

In 2007 I started learning graphic design because my family bought a computer that year. It was the first and the only one in our house at that time for the family. Thus, competing with my other five siblings, I only had limited time using it. Shortly, during this year,  I took an interest in photography. I was borrowing my friend's cameras because I did not have one. But in August 2010, I finally got my first two DSLR cameras (Nikon D90 & Canon 650D) and so my professional photography journey started.

One of the first photos that made me start to be interested in photography. Seef village, Hadramout, 2007.

Having a background in graphic design, I started working as a professional graphic designer for Douan Development Foundation, and Al Omqy Advertising and Marketing agency. With these experiences, I was able to fully develop my skills in graphic design. Moreover, in September 2010, I got a scholarship from an educational nonprofit agency through the generosity of the businessman Mr. Shaykh Abdullah Buqshan to study graphic design in Jordan. I studied and finished my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at Yarmouk University last July 2014. During this period, while I was doing my bachelors,  I was working with Mr. Buqshan and was able to  publish my two photography books dated 2012 and 2013. In 2015, I started working on my 3rd book,  “the Traditional motifs of Hadramout” which consists of writing and photographing all around Hadramout villages and cities and is expected to be published in 2018, hopefully. However, in 2016 I couldn't practice either photography or graphic because I moved to the USA to pursue a study for English as a second language. I opted to study in the USA to further enhance my English skills for future endeavors. Recently, in May 2017 I started my Master in graphic design in Malaysia and continued to practice my passion again.



Master’s Degree in Design (Innovation) 

Rome University of Fine Arts, Italy and KDU University College, Malaysia, May 2017 - Aug 2018


Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design
Yarmouk University- Fine Arts College
Irbid, Jordan.

Work Experiences

HUED, Apr 2020 – Present. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Lead Visual Designer


Lapix Studio, Jun 2019-  March 2020. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Art Director 

Douan Development Foundation, Jul. 2009- Jul. 2010. Douan, Yemen
Graphic Designer: Book designs, marketing collateral
- Photographer: Documentation by photography of different projects and events for the Foundation
Al Omqy for Advertising and Marketing, Feb-Jul. 2010. Mukalla, Yemen
- Junior graphic designer: Designed, rebranded, created, and delivered all graphics related tasks

“Hadramout Satellite TV Channel” Dec. 23 2015 - Jun. 5, 2016. Los Angeles & New York

- Cameraman: filmed “Diaries of The HEHD Scholarship Students” the documentary series


Charitable Society for Social Welfare, 2010-2014. Douan, Yemen
- Graphic Designer: Responsible for marketing design for various campaign related to the firm
- Photographer: documentation by photography of different projects and events for the firm


Al-Badiyah Charitable Foundation, 2009-2014. Douan, Yemen
- Graphic Designer: Designed promotional materials for various campaigns related to the Foundation
- Photographer: Documentation by photography of different projects and events for the Foundation  


Douan Mud Brick Architecture Foundation, Aug. 18-22, 2013. Shibam & Douan, Yemen
- Photographer: Documentation by photography the products processes to conserve the  architectural heritage in Shibam and Wadi Douan, Yemen

- Douan Valley: The Human & The Place, 2012
- Villages of Douan Valley, 2013
- Traditional Motifs of Hadramout, June 2020

“Douan valley, The Human and The Place”, 2012, Irbid, Jordan
Exhibit for 50 photographs of Douan Valley for the public which I took them from my book.


- “The 13th Art Exhibition of Jordanian Universities” 2012. Jerash, Jordan.

- “Italy by Arabian Eyes” 2013. Amman, Jordan.
   Exhibit for illustration paintings that expressed our vision of Italy as Arabic artists after a workshop with Yarmouk University students in Italy

- “Teaching The Holy Quran in Hadramout, The Past, and The Present”, 2013 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Exhibit for photography of Hadramout heritage

- Annual culture exhibitions of the Yemeni community outside Yemen. Since 2012, those         exhibitions have been including my photography in many countries: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Egypt, and other


Activities Attended/ courses 

- Book Illustration, workshop, 2013 Prato, Italy
- Adobe CC, workshop, 2013 Amman, Jordan
- Arabic calligraphy “The Beautiful Language- workshop”, 2013, Irbid, Jordan
- English as a second language at Murray State University, ESL Institute, January-May 2016, Murray, Kentucky, USA. San Francisco State University, ALI Institute, June-August 2016, San Francisco, California, USA. And Virginia Tech, Virginia tech language and culture institute September-December 2016, Virginia, USA


Online courses
- Social Media Marketing, September 2017, HP LIFE E-Learning

- The online marketing fundamentals, December 2017 Google

Graphic Design:
Branding, Editorial Design, Advertising

Documentary photography, Portraiture, Landscape photography, Architectural photography, Fashion photography, Landscape photography

Additional skills
Arabic calligraphy





A Creative Photographer and Writer from Hadramout (In Arabic)
Al Ghad Al Mashriq, TV. channel, 12 Nov  2016
see the video here:


Villages of Douan Valley (In Arabic)
Hadarem.net, 26 April 2014, Yemen
Read & download here


A Cultural Journey with Douan Valley The Human & The Place, 
Dr. Abdullah Bahaj (In Arabic)
Yemeress, 29 March 2013, Yemen
Read & download here


Wadi Douan Gallery, Ahmed Alkhateeb (In Arabic)
Alrai Newspaper, 19 December 2012, Jordan
Read & download here


Douan Valley The Human & The Place (In Arabic)
14 October Newspaper, Issue No. 15549, 26 August 2012, Yemen
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